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> [MSSG]: You might have been separated, but you are not alone...


Explore and Survive

Pareidolia: Going Home is a puzzle platformer where you are being hunted. Take on the role of an excavation robot lost in the long forgotten caves deep in the earth. Being separated from your team after falling through a schism, you must venture into the darkness alone with nothing but your battery powered work light to illuminate the way.

Clear your path by pushing large mounds of rubble to reach ledges and powering various blast doors to reveal passageways. Overcome hazards that hinder your progress, some that might need special attention to overcome and others that must be avoided to ensure your survival.

Collect various log tapes that can exchanged for powerful abilities and transcribed to reveal secrets about the world of Pareidolia. Align yourself with one of two opposing allies in an effort to return to the home you so desire.

Whether you are ready for it, or not...



  • Metroidvania platformer with secrets and shortcuts
  • Handcrafted levels with detailed environments
  • Charming characters and dialogue set in an story unfolded by the player
  • A visual style utilizing pixel graphics and digital paintings
  • Eerie soundscapes of a world hidden below.


Current State of the Game

Pareidolia: Going Home is currently in alpha. You can submit a crash/bug report or feedback following this google forms link. I am solo developing Pareidolia and I appreciate any and all feedback retaining to the game. You can follow the development on Instagram, Mastodon and YouTube.

A few notes for Public Alpha version 2:

> To toggle the Compact Mobile Augmentation upgrade after receiving it from the upgrade crate, open the inventory panel and hit jump/confirm when highlighting the battery with the circle icon. The circle icon is dimmed when starting a new session and lit when the upgrade is available. This is a temporary approach to upgrade toggling and is only implemented this way for proof-of-concept purposes. 

> The Entity has undergone a huge behavioral revision and is difficult to shake off when in line of sight. Additional interactions with The Entity are planned but your best chance of survival, at the moment, comes from running away from it. Listen for falling rocks when a hunt starts as that telegraphs where it will pursue you from.


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Pareidolia: Going Home - v0.2.2.0 97 MB
Version 5 Feb 06, 2023

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip into a directory of your choice. The executable must be launched from the same directory as the additional contents provided in the zip.

> [MSSG]: Pareidolia: Going Home will NEVER ask for a password to run and will NEVER be hosted on GitHub or Blogger. Any website distributing Pareidolia: Going Home other than artofjames.itch.io/pareidoliagame is NOT affiliated with this project.

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Hello James Harper, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:

Hey Bruno! Thank you so much for playing! It means alot to me that you would take the time to put a gameplay video together :) 


loved it

I'm glad! Thank you 😊