> [LOG]: Spooky Man with Spooky Hands

> Transcribing log: DEV_12.11.22


New post, new updates:

So I've been reworking how speed plays a roll in the game as I mentioned last time and for the second demo I’m going to have the player run faster when the entity is spawned but then return to a walking pace when the entity disappears. This has been feeling pretty okay for the time being but will need to be tweaked if I decide to keep this system.

New running animations have been added and all of the animations for the entity are fully implemented. This week I am focusing on the monster itself and ensuring that it behaves the way I need it to. This includes spawning when suppose to, being able to hunt the player by itself, and more that I have changed regarding the behavior of the monster since the first demo.

More updates to come! Thank you for your continued interest.


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