> [LOG]: Good Lord It's Coming I Swear It.

> Transcribing log: DEV_01.08.23


Launch week is here, and I am still planning on releasing a playable alpha! There have been a few hiccups but I am determined to get this out there. I've very excited to receive more feedback and to provide something that is more close to what I want to deliver.

I'm building the levels and then coming in after that with decorations and visual indicators for puzzle solutions. Then I'll place in the tapes and secrets and package it up and get it out the door! There is so much I want to add and improve and it is difficult to stay on task and to deliver small experiences one at a time.

Hope this demo is cooler than the last. Thank you for your continued interest!~


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//Instagram: instagram.com/pareidoliagame

//Twitter: twitter.com/pareidoliagame

//YouTube: youtube.com/@pareidoliagame

//Mastodon: mastodon.gamedev.place/@artofjames

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