> [UPDATE]: Patch Information

> Transcribing log: DEV_02.06.23


Happy Monday everyone!
I patched the public build today and here are the major changes:

  • Textboxes are scaled at a 4:1 ratio now instead of 3:1 making them larger and leave more breathing room for long speaker strings
  • Revised zombie collision checking and roaming behavior
  • Removed debugging tools that where left on during a fresh save. Debugging toggles are still enabled after reaching an ending.
  • Fixed cave lanterns from going permanently dark when bumping into them

I want to encourage anyone that gives it a shot to leave feedback either directly on the project page or via the feedback form. Any critique or comments regarding what you enjoyed and what did/didn't work goes a long way for me and really helps identify crucial elements of my game that I need to pay attention to.

Thank you again for your continued interest! More updates to come.


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//Instagram: instagram.com/pareidoliagame

//Twitter: twitter.com/pareidoliagame

//YouTube: youtube.com/@pareidoliagame

//Mastodon: mastodon.gamedev.place/@artofjames

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